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Welcome on Hacking Software , *THE* site to download hacking software and tools! We'll be adding lots of new tools and scripts in the coming weeks. Don't forget to check out the links to these excellent resources.

If you got any 0 day exploits or some newly released exploit, please let us know and send it to webmaster@hacking-software.com

If you are interested in software that can secretly record AOL, AIM, Yahoo, MSN messages, all keystrokes, all window captions, and all websites visited, click here.
On this site you will find a large variety of spy software and spy tools like hidden cameras, voice and phone recorders and various listening devices and bugs. They also provide GPS tracking systems, wireless transmitters and alot more!
Visit them now: Spy Chest

Blackhat Hacking - a belgian group called crewl underground madness kicking it hard. Very nice designed site, with some really useful projects like their CPT proxy scanner and proxy lists, their CST security vulnerability scanner containing a cgi script scanner and a port scanner, and various smaller projects and resources, all free for you to download.

Phreak.BE Phreaking - from the people of crewl underground madness comes this phreaking portal - for now still under construction, but it should become a useful phreaking portal for the global scene.

Packetstorm Security - Since our site is still under construction, somebody needs to give you the tools - this site is very good at that - a vast repository of thousands of programs, scripts and textfiles.

Hacking Programs - We got some insider info that this site will soon become the place-to-be for hi tech hacking programs and tools, but for now it's still under construction.

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